Minerals are not lifeless stones, as some might think. They possess intelligence, vibration, even consciousness on some level. Once you start working on your connection with them, you will be able to perceive this vibration.
They exist since the dawn of creation, to stay and guide us till the time of#ascension – and I don’t mean taking off to another dimension. The important part of a spiritual journey for me is to manage and ascend while in the flesh. It is the time when humans will rebel against pain, will resist the convictions that keep them back, as well as the urge to insist on staying put in a state of non-existence. It is at this point where we all need to choose a conscious, personal course. It is what we could call an existential redefinition.
All that hear this calling can learn the art of crystal healing. It is a time of transformation and minerals know of transformation all too well.
If you work as healers, you will find an excellent help in the kingdom of minerals, since they can enhance all sorts of techniques, such as accupuncture, since they can transfer energy to the needles, as well as the meridians.
At the amazing healing procedure of acupuncture, we could also add some more aids, in order to support and strengthen the final effect. For example, if you wish to energise the Stomach meridian, you can place the needles in a wooden box, along with an orange calcite or an imperial topaz, so the needles can soak in the vibration of the minerals. You could also give the minerals to the person you are treating, to hold in their hands while you conduct the therapy session. Orange calcite or imperial topaz are minerals that can effectively energise the stomach’s chi. You could also use an according massage wand made of said minerals and treat the meridian with it, or transfer energy to the acupressure points or needles with a healing wand. Choosing the right mineral for each meridian or acupressure point could offer great help to the therapy session and allow us to advance the healing technique.
As it comes to psychologic therapy, we could always place a large piece of amethyst in the room used for the sessions. The amethyst can broaden perception, while it fills the room with its calming vibration, helping us explore the mind deeply and explore past experiences that have been extremely influential, without aggravating the nervous system.
During massage sessions, you can place a large piece of obsidian under the aromatherapy bed, where the feet of the patient are, so as to absorb all negative energy that is released from the body and the energy levels of the person treated. One can also use crystal #spheres, massage wands and mineral cabochons as massaging tools that offer relaxation and healing.
In herbal therapy, you can make the special mixtures used with the addition of crystal tinctures, thus combining the healing properties of the according herbs and minerals, for a greater effect. These are only some of the infinite healing possibilities of the magical world of minerals.

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